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Welcome To The Video Poker Zone
Video Poker is a game unlike any other in the casino. It's often quoted that there is no such thing as a positive expectation game in the casino, but this simply isn't true. It's true that most games, like blackjack, roulette, craps, slots, etc. are 'negative expectation' games (or ones in which the casino holds a house edge over the player, and wins in the long run). These games are mathematically impossible to beat over the long term, and only offer short-term winnings as the possible payoff. This is how casinos make their money of course, and nobody is unaware. Video Poker is a little different.

Are there any games in the casino that are positive expectation? Are there any games that let the player win over the long term, mathematically? The only game that does offer this is Video Poker.

So what's the catch? Because you know there has to be a catch. Well, really the only catch is that you have to be fairly disciplined, you have to understand the good from the bad games, you have to know exactly which games may be positive expectation, and you have to play a fair amount, because the long term positive expectation is slim and can take a while to accumulate.

Volatility is a major factor in trying to outlast a video poker machine. A large bankroll is needed to weather the storm. Video poker is a test of skill, but unlike others, it's a test you get to take with no time limit, no judges, nobody looking over your shoulder, and no reason to do anything but take your time, play perfectly, and win! The majority (ok, the vast majority) of video poker players make the wrong choices on what machine to play and how to play that machine (literally which cards to keep and which to let go). The main cause (other than simply not playing correctly and losing) of novices not taking on the game with any vigor, is the fact that the short term losses can be quite discouraging. A large bankroll is required to beat a machine over time. But the rare offering of a positive expectation for the player should be more than enough to spur you on in mastering this exceptional casino offering.

Take the time to have a look around our site. We offer free play video poker games, and simple to reference strategy charts for perfect play. If you have any questions drop us a line. More video poker for you.

Finding Slot Machines and Online Casino Games on an Australian site you can actually use

One of the best varieties of online casino games is always going tot be one of the masses of slot machines that you can play at almost any online casino. With gambling laws becoming as tight as they are in Australia, it may be a good idea to start looking for your gambling fix online. There is the advantage of being able to sign up to an Australian site though. This will give you local terminology, usable payment options and even a customer care centre that you can reach during normal hours.

Online casino games are one of the most popular internet-based past times and slot machines in particular play a large part in that. There is a train of thought that believe this popularity is due to slot machines being simple machines that people can easily understand, rather than trying to learn the intricacies of roulette or blackjack. While deciding if this is true or not is simply based on opinion, what is know is that slot machines are one of the best online casino games you could ever play!

They win on several different factors as well. There are more consistent payouts, variations from one game to another keep it fresh, starting prices are super low and with fully interactive video slots you have even more reason to get online and give it a go.

Learning poker from your mistakes

Professional gambling is a glamorous pursuit, but the even best card players will tell you that losing is a natural and necessary part of the gambling in every player's development, regardless of skill level. One of the things that strong background knowledge and a wide range of card gaming experience will do for a new player is help build confidence. Much like actors who come face to face with rejection at every audition, successful and savvy poker players are able to use their negative experiences as learning aides in their quests to overcome future obstacles. In this sense, the biggest difference between an amateur and professional gambler (other than potential jackpots) lies in a player's exposure to game play situations that can only be gleaned from hours and years of practice.

Practicing your game at free or low risk online card rooms can help improve your game and practice strategy, but you may want to learn the basic rules of the game in its original form to help build a strong sense of confidence as you build your gaming foundation.

Staying well informed about professional poker online is also a good way to make sure that you are aware of the latest online poker news and tournament opportunities. There are even some all-purpose sites that are designed to cater directly to poker enthusiasts. Many of them, such as Poker.ca, contain quality news coverage of gambling events while also alerting players of special gaming opportunities and late breaking headlines and useful gaming resources. You'll even find helpful reviews of top sites such as Ultimate bet poker, so be sure to read more.

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